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…Nowhere else in the world map the mountain and sea weren't so skillfully matched…
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…Did you by any chance, during your vacations while facing an amber sunset, you had an unexpected inspiration and you lost it because you didn’t have the means with you to save it?

…Did you by any chance were looking with your band a verdant environment of inspiration, absolute silence and a beach like a «score» with emerald waters and «ready made notes» under its pebbles waiting for you to pick them up so you can move further in terms of composition? The existence of a place like this was considered to be a utopia?

…Did you by any chance, after a dive at the sea, you were eager to occupy your fingers with an old- blues scale while your «partner» carefree was reading Cosmopolitan in the balcony? Instead you ended up smoking nervously the one cigarette after the other…

…Did you by any chance wanted someone relevant to music around even for 5 minutes and speak with him about your real passions in life (like a vintage Fender Stratocaster, a Kurzweil with weighted action keys, a handmade Sabian crash cymbal) and were unable to find him?
If you have indeed experienced «situations» like these («particular» for the rest of the people) and while others are consumed into sea cycling you still insist on wanting to harvest the «verses» that hide at the bottom of the horizon where the sun and sky meet…

Theodore declares present and grants you his HOME RECORDING STUDIO that was created under the supervision, not of the God Apollo, but of his friend Nick Terzis (known for the songs that won the 3rd place in the Eurovision Song Contest of 2001 and 2004) and of Satecom Productions.
The Studio is located inside the Centaurs Nest –Suite and can be adapted according to your needs after an early notice and discussion.
They have passed from here doing «Rock» vacations and shared their inspirations with us members of: PYX-LAX, FUNKY TRIP, PRIDE, OCRE, NOCTA. (The best metal group in Greece), SOTIRIS CANELOS BLUES BAND, L.S.B., M.FRAGOULIS. Theodore cooperated with those Groups professionally at the «Best Of Studio» of Athens.
If you have a pianist friend of yours who has good knowledge of midi and computer technology, then kidnap him and bring him here. You are fully covered!

OFFER! (1)
For the use of Studio there is no extra charge. You pay only for accommodation like the rest…
OFFER! (2)
We accept arrangement, honoring the old Greek custom of bartering, for second hand guitars and for guitar «peripheral» equipment.
If you had enough abandoning your guitar in a corner and you are keeping it just in case you had a chance to perform live somewhere, then exchange it for luxury vacations…You will surely be the winners!
We are eager for the Signature of Ritchie Blackmore (the Japanese and the American version)!
…And if your Demo lacks promotion we will escort you to the courtyard of our «neighbour» Roger Waters to discuss your problem…with him!!!