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Rambling Club
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With Kyra
With Danae
…Nowhere else in the world map the mountain and sea weren't so skillfully matched…
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Riding Club: «Centaurs of Argalasti»:
Discover the secret corners of the mountain, the magical landscapes that you can reach only with horses. Sense the everlasting binding of man-horse and feel like Centaur!

Achilles’ herbs:

A cute local handicraft has gathered all the herbs that Achilles was eating and became immortal! But there is more than meets the eye; here you will find many reasons for cooking or to simply watch if you wish.

Aroma-Therapy seminars:
From a couple of experts that knows well about «aromatic bouquets» and «exhilarating smells» of nature!
De Chirico’s Train:
The train was designed and built from the family of the famous painter (his father was an engineer). It will take you for a ride to the most untouched in time little villages of Pelion. A dreamy scenery that gave inspiration to De Chirico’s paint brushes! You will admire old mansions, waterfalls, mountain springs and the Aegean from above. Danae will be thrilled that you are honoring her elements of creation…

Excursion at the shepherd’s pen:

A morning of «wild beauty» to brag about to your friends how you fully tasted the «Greek tradition»! Enjoy pure and intense ethnic images. You will walk between the herd, you will caress the kiddies and you will rest on a shepherd‘s sheep skin rag. You will get the chance to flavor genuine dairy products that will «captivate» your senses and ramble around the mountain and the copse with an original handmade «stick». Can you handle it?

Tour 4x4
In case you own a jeep that is left to «suffocate» in the city begging for some action, Nick will suggest you many outside the map roots in order to prove you his value.

Rrent Jeep-Car-Bike:
Rent any of the above and enjoy the roots across the coastline of South Pelion with Vangelis Papathanassiou music on CD. You will discover in his music many rough-drafts from the scenery.
He was born here, you see…
Traditional dances:
Get acquainted with Menia at her little cafe on her beach and she will inform you. She’s an expert and has performed with her group in all the major cities of Europe.

Ceramics seminars:
Elias, an admirer of the female figure, will explain you how he reproduces them with clay on his pitches ... When gets serious: He won the gold metal when he represented Greece at the World
Ceramic’s Symposium in Poland in 2003

Photographic excursions:
If it is a hobby of yours than Pelion offers you a completely different scenery every 100 yards.
If it isn’t, here it will become one…

Music gatherings:

The frequent local festivals will give the chance to admire:

popular instrumental performers- «unruled divine» clarinet players,
and unknown miracle violin players who via their personalities and unique style magically reach your soul.

They emerge through the foliage trying to tempt you with their musical instruments at your table.