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…Nowhere else in the world map the mountain and sea weren't so skillfully matched…
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Pelion offers to the visitor a wide variety of activities since the mountain-sea coexistence doubles the possibilities.

«KYRA’S Family» is well informed every year about any changes concerning addresses, prices and new arrivals.

Upon your arrival there is at your disposal a «special information and guidance leaflet» that you can run through at your balcony with ice-coffee!
Water Sports:
A large variety of sports is available from beach games to canoe, sea cycle, Jet Ski…

Tai –chi in the sand – Meditation-Easter Philosophy::
«Eliohoos» is a club of rejuvenation, exercise and search for meaning in life that has been in the area for the past years.

Cruise at the islands around Pelion::
It is a must for Pelion! Small ferries undertake to carry you to Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos.
A «cool» one day cruise with a stop at «Koukounaries» beach (awarded beach in Europe) for bathing while enjoying images of sea-gulls, sea shells and saltiness. It departs from Platania right above «Argo’s» passage.
Sunbathing at Mourtitsa::
It can sound simple but nothing can be compared with the caress of Pelion’s sun.! You will be so fascinated with its tranquility that you will not have the need to do anything else…

Horefto Beach: the Woodstock of Pelion:
Do you feel sorry that you weren’t born earlier and missed ’69? Join in and experience the revived 3 day’s sensation! Fire on the beach with guitars, hippie-bohemian mood, beers and easy going communication.

Aegean Club: «Argo»:
Here you will engage in discussions (as long as you can bare) about Argo. You will hear that it was a fully equipped spaceship that was executing space trips and that the Golden Fleece was part of the sun’s crust! Here, the dream of the children is to construct a trireme, a true copy of «Argos» for mini cruises.