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…Nowhere else in the world map the mountain and sea weren't so skillfully matched…
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More analytical when needed Less talkative
More available for chit-chat More serious
Faster in rhythms You will walk carefree, quietly, without sweating with your thoughts for company
In the morning he can’t move a finger(he’s clubbing all night) Recommended for early morning excursions (he sleeps early)
He dislikes the hunters and destroys their traps in the mountain He’s a hunter and knows many things about the area’s animal life and about chase
He’s ingenious into simplifying the roots, to loosen up those around him and to listen everyone’s point of view He likes the difficult roots and enjoys the hard stuff
He knows about photography and «scenery» direction He knows about physiotherapy and how «many pounds» you need to loose
He has more «cute but» so you can follow the direction easily… He knows all the shepherds that you going to meet at your course and they will let you caress their kiddies…

Behind this original list with special added services hides our experience, our observation and our willingness to improve each year.

At your service…

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