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…Nowhere else in the world map the mountain and sea weren't so skillfully matched…
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Walk at the «footsteps» of Centaurs, feel the aura of Jason, Achilles and Asclepiad. Touch the trees that from their wood the «flying Argo», the trireme of Gods, was constructed…

Theodore has a ready made variety of roots to present you covering all tastes.

Whether you prefer a specialized walk on the sand, or descending stone-paved paths to work out your thighs, or relaxation at the villages, or a supreme work out of endurance in the mountain just to check your limits…We are prepared to guide you…
The coexistence of the two ecosystems (mountain-sea) will provide you and your camera with plenty of reasons for action since here in Pelion the scenery alterations are so fast that in every step there is a completely different landscape, a detail that deserves your attention and a feeling in the area that needs to be printed out on paper…
Rambling and picture taking make an ideal pair and the natural beauties of the mountain make rambling more enjoyable and interesting. Rambling also is the only mean available to you for reaching those «sceneries» up close with your camera.

Revive your senses, feel rejuvenated and energetic and charge your batteries for your imminent return in the city (under the supervision of Nick-Physiotherapist/Dietician). Become the photographic witness of the endless secret romance between mountain and sea that only here in the Centaurs’ mountain becomes existent…
…You may even think of giving up smoking with so much oxygen that will fill up your charkas!
If you choose to arrive here by plane, leaving your car at home, so you can enjoy nature lovers’ roots and complete identification with nature, we undertake to pick you up from Volos.