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Our Taste in services
Modify your vacations
Nowhere else in the world map the mountain and sea weren't so skillfully matched
Our lodges are double-decker beautiful maisonettes, independent between them, ideal villas for pairs-families completely equipped, built in chosen points for abundant view and leisure in the sunset and the Aegean Sea!
We listen to your ideas, your special requests and your personal orders. We are open to suggestion and enjoy adding "something more" to the service of KYRA'S PARADISE. We are here to accommodate everyone's hobbies whether you're part of a group or on your own.

Below are some examples:
Two families from France wanted their children to gain camping experience and learn how to survive in nature while playing. They also wanted to be close to them so they can "keep an eye" but to stay separately at the same time.

We supplied them:
2 camping tents pitched 150 meters from the balcony of the Mediterranean Sundance Suite
Full camping equipment
Walkie- talkie suite-tent
"Search for food in nature" game under Nick's guidance
Construction of a sitting place from wood and other materials taken from nature, such as sea pebbles, under Alexandra's guidance
Full program activities in the sea and the mountain with Theodore
Barbeque lessons in hot stones from Costa

Under Theodores initiative, the Queen Fun Club of Athens (17 people) spent their vacations with us:
We supplied them:
Full discography of the group at their suites
A 2 hour selection of Queen's songs at Carlas Bar daily
Art presentation of the houses as such:
Brian May Suite/ John Deacon Bungalow/ Roger Taylor Bungalow
Queen tribute night with live performance of Pride (Rock Cover Band of Athens) and with free microphone for the funs.
Karaoke sound recording of the song Tie your mother down at DANAE STUDIO.
Worldwide internet communication with other Queen Fun Clubs.
Dive competition from a rock at the beach with a Brian May style guitar.
Rambling in the mountain with a portable cd player and music from Queen.

Friends of football watched the Meeting of their national teams at Volos.

We supplied them:
24 hour TV covering of the Olympic Games
Tickets for the Meeting.
Transfer from and to the sports field.
Internet surfing in the sites of the teams and their players to learn the latest news.
The organisation of a 5X5 Meeting in the sand at the beach of Potistika.

Despite the dozen beaches of Pelion, Elsa and Norman a couple from Germany, wanted
to swim in amountain waterfall!
We asked the peasants and the oldest ones showed us the now deserted footpaths. We rented horses from Centaurs of Argalasti and after a half a day ride in the mountain we successfully reached our target! We had fun as well!...
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