Nowhere else in the world map the mountain and sea weren't so skillfully matched
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A restored 2 storey old mansion decorated with respect to the traditional style but with the necessary modern brushstrokes when appropriate.
Placed within a verdant environment under the orders of Danaes stick
Great uninterrupted view to the Aegean Sea with Skiathos at the far end
Fully fitted kitchen
Istanbul coffee set
Fully accessorized fireplace corner
Genuine traditional courtyard with pavilion
Wooden kitchen composition with cedar wood
Marble dinner table with ceramic sculpture and a capital for base
2 living rooms, one in each story
2 bedrooms-6 beds
Local traditional sofa
Traditional Zagorian round stair
Art decor corners with spreads-cushions and authentic local antique objects
Decor by Alexandra
by Ilias
A 5 room view to the Aegean just for yourself.
Dining table at the internal courtyard
25 CDs of classical music (or of your choice)
Traditional basket in the kitchen with genuine local products: raki, tsitsiravla, kritamia, lisfakia (wild herbs), thyme and milk cheese
It has its own vine for shadow and fresh free grapes
Beach equipment: Umbrella, portable fridge
Parking space
CAPACITY: 2 8 people.

PRICE: 55 - 85
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