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Our lodges are double-decker beautiful maisonettes, independent between them, ideal villas for pairs-families completely equipped, built in chosen points for abundant view and leisure in the sunset and the Aegean Sea!
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…The wild verdant nature of the mountain that is constantly “flirting” with the endless blue of the Aegean, this secret romance between forest and sea that only here in the Centaur’s mountain becomes existent and produces landscapes of impeccable beauty “forced” the ancient Greeks to consider it as the summer residence of their 12 Olympian Gods.

…They were convinced that only such an achievement of nature could impose on all the 12 Gods since their quarrels, their intrigues, their “illegal” love affairs and their passions were on the schedule on a daily basis in Olympus (like a Brazilian soap opera..)…The ancient Greeks believed that Asclepiad was inspired here for the invention of the medical art due to nature’s generosity in plant life, in variety of flowers and herbs, in essences, in juices and infusions… …It was also a common belief among them, that the plethora of aromas, goods, thyme honey, wine, and “ambrosia” Gods ‘nectar inevitably would produce some unbeatable hero who would have been baptized in them: Achilles of Troy!

The imposing appearance of the “giant” plane and chestnut trees in the ecstatic local forests gave the idea to “construct” from their wood the “Argo”, God’s trireme that it was meant to carry the “dream team” of the antiquity’s heroes towards their target, none else but the “Golden Fleece”. “Argo” had “full extra” piloting privileges equivalent to those of NASA, offered by the Gods as a gift!

…Millenniums after, we share and justify these “inspired” writing conceptions since the beauty, the serenity and the uniqueness of the place predispose for such an “inspired”narrative crescendos …

Let as put aside though the convenient for us the Greeks mythology and lets talk about contemporary events:
The proclamation of Pelion as a protected ecosystem and the preservation of the Zagorian (village) style in the architecture added extra beauty to the area.
That 60-65% of Pelion belongs to Germans, Austrians, Swiss and French and that European agencies give everything in order to acquire the extremely expensive piece of land left; A proof for the “greatness of seeing” and the area’s finesse
It is time to learn that Pelion has the most beaches, from any Greek island, with crystal clear Aegean waters and with a variety for all tastes: unexplored virgin ones, cosmopolitan, noisy, deserted, idyllic, mysterious and organized ones…You only need to have appetite for exploring.
If a dilemma lies on your lips before vacations and it is “mountain or sea”, here due to nature’s tricks you can have both…and in big doses as well.

Mountain-sea contrast
The woodcut icon stands of the country chapels
The sunny paintings of Theophilus
Small talk at the cafes with poets, painters, intellectualspeople of art
Ôhe Golden Jeep of Dimitra Galani
Ôhe train of De Cyrico
The Incognito Villa of Pink Floyd.
Spenzofai (traditional spicy local dish with sausage) .
Morning wake up full of energy
Crystal clear waters –mirrors for dives
Sunset in an amphitheatrical view of the mountain and uninterrupted view of the Aegean with EMMA SHAPLIN on CD…
Raki with sun dried octopus
The air here is a combination of oxygen enriched with sea iodine, Aegean saltines, thyme, pine tree, and lavender. It will fill your lungs, excite your senses and “speak” to your chakras pleasantly, filling you with rejuvenation….TRY IT OUT!

….If your significant other, doesn’t “touch you” here carried away by the romanticism of the landscape and by the idyllic atmosphere at the beaches that will add saltiness on your lips, your body and the way you will “carry yourself “ , it’s not going to happen anywhere else…( believe me… Here is the “absolute” test!)
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