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…Nowhere else in the world map the mountain and sea weren't so skillfully matched…
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An independent 2 storey villa of romantic mood layered with local plaque and chestnut tree wood guaranteed to make you feel one with nature.
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Climax Bar-Restaurant
Climax Bar-Restaurant
Carlas Bar-Cafe Restaurant
We have collected information-checked everything- and chose the “diamonds” for you to savour and absorb as much of Pelion as possible during your stay.!
The stores are proposed based on the criterion of warmth and their vibes.
We have graded their authenticity, their endurance in time, their unpretentiousness, their respect towards the customer, their prices, their originality in service and finally their hospitable attitude.
KYRA and DANAE visited them as mortals and left themselves to be served as common tourists
grading the owners for smile, savoir vivre and positive aura!

Simply the No1 place in Pelion. A «coral» carved with elegance above the beach of Xinovrisi
(Potistika beach). So harmoniously built next to the sea that you may think the first waves of the beach are part of its hall…Dimitra Galani and Mariane Faithful have included it in their preferences. What about you?

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The absolute favourite of KYRA and DANAE. Built in a landscape between mountain and sea it manages to express both of them…

Wonderful balcony view to the Aegean Sea
Air breeze coming from Skiathos
Charismatic owner
Inspired cocktails
Real companionship atmosphere

If you are flamboyant, intellectual or artist you will stuck here!

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How much «tradition» is you determined to tolerate? This is the limit! Attention! Its «authentic» Greekness will surprise you, it is much more than you expected. All the food ingredients are from his garden and the raki (spirit) only for the connoisseurs. Here you will taste Greek home made cooking.
The Germans of the area simply love this tavern!

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The best sunset of Pelion, the tasteful ice creams and the prettiest waitresses

We found the source of fresh fish, the fisherman who supplies with sea food all the restaurants of the area. This is his restaurant! Fresh fish right from his fish boat to your plate! (and without the middlemen’s price).

You will eat under the embrace of the village’s Plane tree and experience a 100% countryside atmosphere at the village’s main square. The real thing!

A cute cantina with deck chairs in a the beautiful beach of Marathias for swimming and chilling out. A sandy living room with white pebbles and crystal clear waters that will freshen up your coffee and your mood!

Do you want to learn the story of Pink Floyd from the person who guided them to Pelion and helped them to choose their villa? This is his cafe!

Get to see the most ethereal and magical voice of Greece, the divine Tania Tsanaklidou with no make-up drinking her juice with a hippie-chic mood and smile.
You may think that she’s mortal like you (…Yeah right!). She will enjoy it as well. She has acquired the simplicity that only great persons have!

In case you need to make your complaints to the Government? Thodoris Roussopoulos will pass by some time from here but since both of you will be busy playing racquetball and drinking cocktails probably you will not be in the mood. «Small in size» cafe but all the area’s sailors are gathering here and they also honouring it with their presence all the English tourist girls. It serves a big «English breakfast» and owns a meticulous gift shop.

Are you interested to have a look at the way Greek are having fun and experience it in its extreme version?
This is the place: - Greek music
Open all night
Have fun throwing napkins (the other ersion of breaking plates)
Dances with tables in the mouth
Belly dance
Clapping hands mood…

Go! And be Blessed!
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